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Join Tommy, Olivia, Becka for part two of their conversation with Bob Hunter. In this episode they talk about the roots of the anti-abortion movement, political and church leadership, and welcoming our LGBTQIA2S+ family. They also talk about the powerful forces of deception that have been woven into supremacy culture worldwide.

Join Tommy, Becka and Olivia for part one of their conversation with Bob Hunter as they discuss the importance of knowing our (United States) foundations.

"What is happening now is not new." - Bob Hunter

"Before retirement in 2014 Bob Hunter was a Diversity and Justice specialist for the Indiana division of Intervarsity. He was also on the national leadership team for Black Campus Ministries of InterVarsity.  He has taught courses in Racism, Conflict Management and occasionally Statistics at Trinity College, BinghamtonUniversity and Earlham College and is the former chair of the Richmond IndianaHuman Rights Commission. He has twice won the Frieda Dawkins award for his work in Civil and Human rights. He is the Co-Author of Loving Justice, InterVarsity Press, 1990 and Co-editor of Yearning to Breathe Free: LiberationTheologies in the United States, Orbis Press, 1990. 

Bob has two grown children, Rachel and Daniel. Rachel, a talented musician, teaches Spanish at a Quaker school. Daniel is an organizer and skilled trainer working with on environmental Justice issues. Bob was married toDr. Carol Hunter for 40 years until her death in 2015. Together they worked for various organizations and taught justice issues to scores of students. Bob is on the board of Just Faith Ministries."

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