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Stewarding Community

$30 PER MONTH Join

Again- we are divesting from the notion that worth equals how much money we can give.

How does your mutual aid support me?

At the previous levels- Your mutual aid practice helps me to cover my month-to-month living expenses. (Rent, Utilities, Transportation, Creative time). At this level of 'Stewarding Community', those who give support the production cost for Permission to Be Podcast, up to and including compensating guest for their time spent gifting us their education and experience.


A note on the book club

I believe you will gravitate to the community building offerings that speaks to you. This of this book club space as a "terraforming" space- to borrow from Propaganda- A Terraforming of the soul. 

The Book club is a place to not only learn, but also practice co-creation by participation and integrate principles relating to individual and collective health. Here's the current vision.


  • A book will be agreed on that is related to/rooted in learning historical context, anti-oppression (anti-racism, anti-sexism, decolonization, aspects of health), etc. and read it together over a two month period.

  • Reading schedule provided!

  • Once a month we will discuss the book together via Zoom. The webinar will be recorded and posted here on Patreon for others to review at their leisure.

  • *This is an evolving and transforming space.*

  • General Support

Click on the image below to learn more about our first Book Club book!

The Wisdom of Your Body by Dr. Hillary L. McBride

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