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"Universally, the eye is recognized as the window to the soul. The keeper and conveyor of passion, loyalty, love, heartbreak, intent, dreams- spoken and unspoken. The keeper of the fire, and truths, and mysteries. We may forget the occasion or the weather in moments long past, and even facial features can fade in the memory, but the eyes are never forgotten."

- Bree Stallings

"Breanna "Bree" Stallings is North Carolina-native multi-media artist, illustrator, writer and activist.

Bree graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2013 with a Bachelor Degree in Studio Art and Creative Writing. She resides near uptown Charlotte where she works as a painter, illustrator and muralist. Currently, she teaches adults and children intermediate and advanced drawing and painting techniques at her studio called the Learning Lab.

Using art as her vehicle, she raises awareness for many causes that affect her life and those closest to her such as economic mobility, sexual health advocacy, displacement and homelessness and environmental consciousness."

Bree Stallings Art.jpg

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