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Decolonization and Anti-Racism, What’s the Difference?
Constanza Eliana Chinea joined the Permission To Be Podcast team for an insightful and educational conversation around the differences and similarities that exist in the social justice work of decolonization and anti-racism. Constanza Eliana is an anti-racism educator, activist, consultant, and certified yoga teacher.

"Constanza Eliana grew up in Puerto Rico until her family moved when she was 7 years old to Illinois, just 3 hours south of Chicago. The culture shock coupled with the need to adapt, and assimilate quickly created childhood frustration and trauma - born out of experiences of racism and sexism. It was these first hand experiences that led to her decolonization work and unpacking of her own internalized oppression."

Constanza is also the founder of Thrive. Thrive is a comprehensive program for BIPOC Yoga Teachers and Wellness Entrepreneurs. One of the ways you can to show up in true allyship is to invest back into the future of wellness by supporting scholarships for participants of Thrive. To learn more click here.


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