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Proximity - Part 1
w/ Corey Gaston


April 18, 2020

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Assuming Inclusivity - Part 2
w/ Corey Gaston


April 18, 2020

“I believe that if we are not careful we will assume that we have
been inclusive and that we are being diverse.”
- Corey Gaston

"Corey Gaston, is a professional musician, he has shared the stage with a varietal mix of some of the world’s finest musicians, including Maynard Ferguson, Ron Kenoly, Travis Cottrell, Tom Smith, Donald Lawrence and Tri-City Singers, Maurette Brown-Clark, and Bill and Gloria Gaither. In addition to these fine musicians, he was asked to tour with legendary artist Prince and the New Power Generation in 2012, but chose his career as a Christian educator over full-time touring.

Corey holds a master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Clarks Summit University and a bachelor's degree in Theology from Freedom Bible College and he is currently pursuing his Doctor of Strategic Leadership at Liberty University.  In addition to that, he also graduated from the U.S. Naval School of Music and holds certification in Trumpet Performance.


The word “proximity”, according to Merriam-Webster, is “the quality or state of being proximate: closeness”.  Most would assume this only deals with distance from one point to another, but they would miss a much broader and deeper meaning of the word.  This work will focus on how close you do or do not find yourself to others within your community, churches, neighborhoods, civic organizations, etc..., the relationships that do or do not exist and some thoughts that may help bring you closer to others.


The work of Proximity is Kingdom work.  Work designed to close gaps that present themselves specifically within the Body of Christ.  This has always been purposed to draw us closer, with hopes of drawing those not in a relationship with Christ, closer to that point because of the testimony of present unity."

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Music Credits:

  • Corey Gaston (in part 2)

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