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Hope In the Age of Empire - Part 1
w/ Corey Leak


February 22, 2020

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Equity, Work, & Being - Part 2
w/ Corey Leak


February 23, 2020

“White people and black people are trauma bonded by slavery.” - Corey Leak
Corey is a writer, artist, and communicator. He is the host of the Existential Podcast.

“Who am I, and why should you care what I have to say? Great question. I am a husband married to my best friend, a father to three amazing daughters and we live in the Bay Area of California. I’m also a writer, artist, and communicator. I’ve been invited to speak about social issues in various venues such as: SJSU, high schools, churches, local businesses and the Bay Area Q Commons event. I use social media to facilitate important conversations about the obstacles this country faces in becoming a more just society. I have met with community organizers, artists, writers, and faith leaders to help formulate plans and actions aimed at promoting justice and dignity for all ethnicities.”


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