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“For some of us it is harder to receive goodness than
it is punishment”
- Gabes Torres

Join Becka and Tommy for their conversation with friend, teacher, speaker, singer-songwriter, and psychotherapist, Gabes Torres.

"Gabes life’s work is to demonstrate how there’s nothing “post-” about post-colonialism. She studies and teaches how oppression continues to dominate and manifest in our systems, society, inter- + intrapersonal relationships, imaginations, and human psyché."

"She works as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMCHA) at a growing counseling organization that works directly with shelters for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking."

"Gabes also writes poetry and music, and occasionally performs her repertoire at live events. She independently produced 3 albums of original music, and her first one was launched when she was 17. She has toured in Southeast Asia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle."

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