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Join Olivia Bethea, Becka Eppley, and Tommy Allgood for their conversation with Jennifer Kinney, as they discuss historical times of reconstruction and the cycles of backlash that follow (I.e. the Civil Rights Movement). They also talk about Critical Race Theory and how it is being used as a tool of distraction from justice work.

Want to connect and learn more about Jenn? Click on the links below:

Story Power Podcast


​Speaking of Racism Podcast

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Show Notes:


  • Derrick Albert Bell Jr.  - "(November 6, 1930 – October 5, 2011)[1] was an American lawyer, professor, and civil rights activist. In 1971, he became the first tenured African-American professor of law at Harvard Law School, and he is often credited as one of the originators of critical race theory along with Richard Delgado, Charles Lawrence, Mari Matsuda, and Patricia Williams.[2] He was a visiting professor at New York University School of Law[3] from 1991 until his death.[4] He was also a dean of the University of Oregon School of Law.[5]"


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