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“I tell people with all violent systems, whether we are talking abut heteronormativity, whether we are talking about anti-blackness, whatever the violent system is, all the people involved in it are harmed, and whiteness is so harmful to white people."
- Joquina Reed

"Joquina Reed is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practitioner. She is also the creator and curator behind the social media platforms, The AntiBlackness Reader Project and Divesting From Whiteness. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies and is a published researcher, conference presenter and public speaker. Her public advocacy is largely inspired by her academic research relating to social power and its intersections with race and gender identity constructions. She formerly held a dual faculty administrator appointment at Louisiana State University as the Director of Forensics.

Joquina thrives as an educator, researcher, writer, public speaker, and community advocate. Within all her spheres of influence she attempts to A.C.T. right. She challenges herself to Advocate for self and others, practice critical Compassion, and move through spaces with a transformative Transparency."


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