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The Church Witch
w/ Lauren Wilde

October 26, 2019

“The God of the universe is big enough to hold
the weight of your doubt." - Lauren Wilde

"Lauren began her Spiritual path in the Christian Church, teaching, healing, and preaching for nearly a decade until she fell through the cracks of her own faith in 2015 and went through Dark Night of the Soul or Soul Initiation. Like so many others that endure this experience, she found herself in the depths of pain, confusion and depression at the loss of her faith until she began studying mysticism, yoga, the esoteric arts, alchemy, witchcraft, the wild woman archetype, and embodied spirituality.

Lauren began her work in the holistic world in 2012 when she began researching ways to support her Autistic son naturally then fell into aromatherapy, holistic health, neuroplasticity, and positive affirmations. She became a certified aromatherapist and holistic health coach in 2013 helping women embrace their bodies and lives from an empowered and authentic place."

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