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Brownicity: Many Hues. One Humanity
w/Dr. Lucretia Berry

July 29, 2019

Join us for an amazing thought provoking conversation about anti-racism education with Dr. Lucretia Berry.


"Dr. Berry is an anti-racist consultant and educator, the author and facilitator for What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide, and loves to create offerings and content to help meet Brownicity’s goals. She received her Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum & Instruction) from Iowa State University."

"Browncity, an organization Dr. Berry and her husband founded, is family-focused and dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for racial healing and antiracism. Think of Brownicity in a similar way that you would think of green, sustainable living— but instead of addressing choices and systems that are detrimental to nature and the environment, we are overcoming beliefs and systems that are detrimental to our shared humanity."


"A combination of the words "brown" and "ethnicity". Brown represents melanin, the pigment we all have. Ethnicity refers to "that which we have in common".


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Want to connect and learn more about Dr. Lucretia Berry and Brownicity? Click on the links below:

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