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 "Mike Watson has inspired, engaged, and touched the hearts of thousands of people. Through the development of his heart-centric philosophy Mike has shifted the hearts and minds of a variety of individuals, including high school and college students to CEOs and artists. The heart-centric philosophy is predicated on the intuitive understanding, and scientific support that our heart speaks so as to inform our purpose, in leadership and life."


"Today, when he’s not researching, he gives keynote talks, leads workshops, and continues to educate, while creating heart-centric content so as to reshape leadership and reshape lives for the better."

"I believe in empowering people to navigate their life path, so they step into their brilliance. When we consciously choose to self-reflect so as to be intentionally self-aware, we begin the process of internal transformation, and as a result we also begin our reconnection with the external world, forming in the process a new, powerful, and positive relationship, with our “self” and others to not only see the world anew, but to stand fully in the world."

- Dr. Mike Watson

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