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About Olivia Bethea

Olivia Bethea is a student, writer, and work in progress.  She’s a former Human Resources professional who recently transitioned out of the profession upon which she’d built her career to pursue an unexplored passion for writing.

To that end, she has embarked on a path of excavating, discovering, and becoming the writer, poet, and storyteller that she’s always been.

When not writing, or thinking about writing, she’s immersed in a book, learning in a Zoom class, or walking in nature. 

Olivia describes herself as a "Word Alchemist" who uses the power of the pen to transform the world into words. She views all of life through the lens of story, which means she is never lacking in ideas to explore through written narrative. In her words: “If I'm living life, I'm learning from it. And as I learn, I chronicle the treasures of insight, wisdom, and hope that I uncover along the way.”

Want to connect and learn more about Olivia? Click on the links below:

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