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All the Colors We Will See
w/Patrice Gopo

April 9, 2019

Author, Patrice Gopo, has written a profound collections of Essays entitled, All the Colors We Will See. Patrice was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska by her parents who immigrated from Jamaica.  In this episode Patrice not only shares about her essays but she also talks about importance of story and the barriers that can be removed when we look beyond ourselves. 

During our conversation Patrice talks about Isabel's Wilkerson's book, Warmth of the Other Suns, which you can find by clicking here. You can also learn more about the Charlotte Center for the Literary Arts here.

“With this exquisitely composed [essay collection], Patrice Gopo sets herself apart as one of the most promising and talented writers of faith of our time. All the Colors We Will See is evocative, compelling, surprising, and brave. Gopo has a special talent for weaving her story into the narratives of Scripture and for guiding the reader through some of the difficult realities of race, immigration, and identity in America with wisdom and grace. It’s rare to encounter a book that manages to be this honest and this generous with its readers at the same time. Every page, every sentence, is a gift!” —Rachel Held Evans

Want to learn more about Patrice and connect with her? Click on the links below:

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