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PTB Book Clubs and Community Gatherings

We believe you will gravitate to the community building offerings that speak to you. We see book club spaces and community gatherings as "terraforming" spaces - to borrow from Propaganda- A Terraforming of the soul. 

The PTB book clubs and community gatherings are places to not only learn, but also practice co-creation by participation and integrate principles relating to individual and collective health. Here's our current vision for book clubs:

  • A book will be agreed on that is related to/rooted in learning historical context, anti-oppression (anti-racism, anti-sexism, decolonization, aspects of health), etc. and read it together over a two month period.

  • Reading schedule provided!

  • Once a month we will discuss the book together via Zoom. The webinar will be recorded and posted here on Patreon for others to review at their leisure.

  • *This is an evolving and transforming space.*

  • General Support

Please go to to join Tommy Allgood's Patreon at the "Stewardship" tier to learn more about the upcoming PTB Book Clubs and Community Gatherings.

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