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The Authenticy Challenge
w/ Rev. Sarah Heath

November 24, 2019

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“There is privilege in being able to talk about self-care. There is privilege in talking about gratefulness" - Sarah Heath

"Sarah Heath is an ordained United Methodist clergywoman. She is also an actress-author-dancer-designer-science nerd -- so it’s not your typical career path. She loves to use her unique experiences to teach others to lead with authenticity, reframe their stories, build relationships with people who are different than them, connect the spiritual and the ordinary, and renew their space in a way that renews community. 

From the words she speaks, the communities she leads, to the actual spaces she designs, Sarah is always hoping to invite people into spaces that they didn't think were for them. Just like people use reclaimed wood, Sarah likes to reclaim spaces, theologies, and ideas in ways that don't destroy their original beauty, but bring out something new. "

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