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Permission To BE is a podcast created to share the journeys of leaning into authenticity of being. Authenticity encapsulates many things including racism, gender or non-gender identity, mental health, and political leanings which we believe are connected to our spiritual beliefs. 

Season 4
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Disembodiment and the Body Politico
(LIVE) w/ Dr. Roberto Che Espinoza and Anna Golladay

October 5, 2022

PodBean Episode Images  - Andre Henry.jpeg
Do You Want to Be Free?
w/ Andre Henry

August 24, 2022

Christians Against Christianity
w/ Dr. Obery M. Hendricks, Jr.

June 12, 2022

PodBean Episode Images - Amy Kenny.jpeg
My Body Is Not A Prayer Request
w/ Dr. Amy Kenny

May 18, 2022

PodBean Episode Images Dr. Christena.png
A Healing Journey
w/ Dr. Christena Cleveland

April 18, 2022

PodBean Episode Images - Lisa Sharon Harper part 2.jpeg
Rerooting Yourself (Part 2)
w/ Lisa Sharon Harper

March 6, 2022

PodBean Episode Images Season 4 - Lisa Sharon Harper.jpeg
An Oral Narrative of Generational Trauma (Part 1)
w/ Lisa Sharon Harper

February 23, 2022

Hillary Podbean Season 4.jpeg
The Wisdom of Your Body
w/ Dr. Hillary L. McBride

January 12, 2022

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